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Save your vintage windows with SLIP

Come the winter, and a homeowner has got a lot of things on their to-do list. Cleaning the gutters and downspouts, bleeding the radiator, checking the electrical system, weatherproofing exterior pipes, sealing leaky doors, and whatnot.   And there comes the big one- your windows. Your windows might be drafty or poorly performing, draining your energy bills.   In older homes fashioning vintage windows, single-pane glass is most likely to be found.

It can’t take a beat in the style and character, but single pane windows are a poor insulator. This might be a source of heat loss and discomfort, and not to mention they let in noise from the outdoors.   More than 20 years of repairing wood windows in old homes and historic buildings led Chosen Wood Window Maintenance to bring an innovative solution to life as SLIP. This comes in the form of a DIY kit which you can install yourself with the help of an installation guide or have a contractor do it for you.   Slim Line Insulating Pane or SLIP comes in an extremely sleek and low-profile design that blends into the sash of your older window just fine. This insulating pane comes in clear, obscure, and Low-E options. Once installed, it is hardly noticeable on the glass.   With SLIP installed on your single-pane window, it is no longer a single-pane, but it becomes a simulated double-pane window.

This essentially updates your single-pane windows to the modern standards of operation and efficiency. It’s a long-term solution for your vintage windows, and you don’t need to reinstall it seasonally.   SLIP goes well along with single-hung, double-hung, picture windows, casements, and more.   But how to know if you need to install SLIPs now? Well, go and have a look at the current state of your windows, and also don’t forget to check the energy bills.   If you think your windows need to perform better for your comfort levels, look out for these reasons to install SLIPs on your windows.

Here’s why you need to upgrade your windows with SLIP.

1. Reduce energy bills on heating and cooling

Single-pane glass in the vintage windows does have that aesthetic appeal, but they are poor insulators. This is why people go for replacement with double-paned or multi-paned windows, which for heavy price and more reasons we are saving you from.   The insulation power of SLIPs has been tested in various environments and window types, and it can be compared to insulated glass units. That means, when the question comes to preventing heat gain or loss through window glass, the performance of window SLIP is like a separate glass unit itself.   With SLIPs installed, your single-pane window functions as a double-paned window, and it significantly reduces the thermal transfer. This cuts the extra stress on the HVAC system in residential and commercial environments.   It has two benefits. Firstly, your heating and cooling system does not have to work harder, which saves energy. And secondly, your appliances need not be repaired seasonally, and they have a prolonged running time.

2. Less expensive than a window replacement

 SLIP comes in a low-cost and easy-to-install format, while replacement windows are a job to install and are high-priced. Installing a quality replacement costs you around a thousand dollars. And if you are planning to rejuvenate the entire insulating system of your home, you can’t install just one window. You have to replace them all.   Just count how much that adds up to the cost!   Before you think of replacing your older windows, be ready for disturbance in your schedules, prepping the contractors, moving your essentials, relocating your furniture and decorative items to prevent damage and more.   And do not forget that the life expectancy of these replacement windows is not more than 15-20 years compared to your vintage window, which might last for another 80 years. So be prepared to go through that ordeal years later.   The manufacturers of replacement windows go by the homeowners with the energy efficiency, but you don’t want to trade it for the historical value of your vintage windows.   You’d surely like to go with a better option, especially when SLIP is there in place to provide an innovative edge to your window solutions.

3. Because you don’t compromise your comfort

Wood is energy-efficient as they make a good insulator, but still, some amount of heat can leak through the windows. If your windows are old, heat loss poses a problem, particularly in winters. Your heating systems might have to work extra to maintain the comfort levels of your home.   Drafts are yet another problem in the older windows, which allow the freezing air from inside to disturb your room temperature. If you touch your window glass in the winter, it feels very cold even though the other areas inside your home are well heated with the furnace or heating system. This means that heat is constantly leaking through the glass of your windows. How to stop it to a minimum level?   Installing SLIP adds an extra insulated glass unit to your windows which means better insulation. Once added to your windowpane, it reduces the thermal transfer through the window glass to a considerable extent and makes your room more comfortable for you.   Also, while installing the SLIP on the existing window, weatherstripping is done around the window sash to prevent drafts from letting air in or out.  

4. Noise reduction

 Single panes of glass and the gaps that are often a part of the older windows present yet another concern than energy loss. And that is, noise reaching in from the street.   Older windows make it easier for sound to travel across it. Adding a second layer of the tempered pane to the original window glass dampers the noise from outside.   The problem of rattling windows, another typical part of older windows, is taken care of as weatherstripping is applied between the window sash and frame during the installation of the SLIP system.

5. You can save your original windows

  The tight wood grain of your original windows can never be replaced with the windows available today. And it is certainly not a good idea to remove your historic windows, which have already faced many harsh seasons for over a century.   The kind of hardwood having a dense profile and rot-resistant character is irreplaceable by modern replacement windows, which need to be replaced just after 20 years.   Not to mention the aesthetic value of your vintage windows, replacing which could harm the appeal of your home. If you are living in a landmark or historic area, you would probably not be allowed to replace the windows at all.   The SLIP system increases the weather resistance of your classic windows without having them lose their place.  SLIP comes in different glass options, which just fits right with the style of your windows. You can hardly notice any difference in the originals with installing SLIP.

6. Go green with SLIP

Before you go ripping out your vintage windows, think about all the workable units of windows which will turn into waste and get dumped into nature.   Rejuvenating your windows with SLIP is both an environmentally and budget-friendly choice rather than dumping your original wood windows. This way, the net energy is also conserved, embodied in the construction of your house.   The energy-efficiency factor brought along by SLIP outweighs the temptation to remove your older windows in the name of saving energy.

7. Low future maintenance cost

The SLIP system is a durable solution to your operating windows. It doesn’t require seasonal reinstallation. Once in place, it reduces your repairing budget and troublesome maintenance bills.   SLIP doesn’t succumb to seal failure, and it doesn’t fog up also, unlike the insulated glass units. This way, you’re cutting the costs of repairing or replacement in case of fogged-up windows, which is a common event in winters.

8. Easy to install

SLIPs come in DIY kits to help people save installation or repair costs. And when are those tools in your home going to come in handy?   If you are familiar with tools and have a sufficient level of woodworking skills, you can do this home improvement project without help from contractors.   Window SLIP provided by Chosen Wood Window Maintenance has made the job pretty easy for you with its simple guides and instructions. SLIP system comes with the components labeled and assembled, customized to your window requirements.

However, in case you are not sure about self-installation for double or single-hung windows, you can get the job done by contractors.   If you’re considering updating your vintage windows to modern standards while keeping their original character intact, you can go ahead with the SLIP system. Visit Window-SLIP to get a quote now and save on your budget!

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