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    To reach more people with this great product, we will start selling SLIPs in DIY Kits. It’s a single-pane window insulation kit.

    These kits are great for savvy homeowners or contractors to install. You can install SLIPs independently if you have the right level of woodworking skills and familiarity with tools. Installing SLIPs on your windows can be a great DIY home improvement project to increase the comfort and performance of your house. We provide you with a SLIP™ installation video for multiple window types that will guide you through the different steps of the project. We pack your materials in the kit assembled, cut, and labeled. Grab your tools, open the kit, and start the install.

    Before ordering the product, ask yourself some questions…


    Should you DIY?

    Are your windows right for SLIPs?

    SLIPs are a great product for square/rectangular wood windows. This is due to the SLIP needing to cover the whole surface of the original window glass.

    If you wish to install SLIPs on the interior, CLICK HERE.

    Do You Have The Skills?

    Woodworking and technical skills are needed to take on this project successfully. Installing SLIPs on a fixed window is rather easy. Installing SLIPs on a single-hung or double-hung window is a lot more complex and requires more steps.

    Fixed Windows – Installing a SLIP™ on a fixed window is a simple job and involves cleaning and prepping the window before applying the rest.


    • Operating Casement Windows (French Casements, Awnings, Hoppers, etc.) – If weatherstripping is not needed, this will be similar to the fixed window install. We recommend weatherstripping to benefit the whole SLIP system by using our provided kerf in weatherstripping. Doing this involves removing the sash and kerfing four sides of the operating window. The process may also involve measuring and planning the sides of the sash.
    • Double/Single-Hung Windows These are the most complex and have the most steps for a successful installation. Installing this type of window requires the removal of the window sash and reassembling. Adjusting the counterbalance weight will also be needed to account for the additional weight on the sash; spring balances or ropes/weights can be used. Yes, you can use ropes! We offer balances when ordering the SLIP™ Kit because there are more unknown variables to calculate when using ropes. Also, shipping dense lead weights increase shipping costs dramatically. For a few things to account for when using ropes, CLICK HERE.



    All components are ordered, made, and assembled to the custom sizes given and calculated weights.

    • SLIPs
    • Hidden balances
    • Weatherstripping (vinyl & bulb)
    • Screws & tabs


    If you feel like you’re equipped with the necessary skill set and tools, follow these steps!


    1) Measurements
    Get the daylight measurement of your windows. All materials are custom-made to your declared specifications. Therefore, they must be precise.

    Click Here to learn how too measure.

    2) Request a Quote
    Click Here to fill out the quote form with your window specifications. 

    3) Review
    Receive the quote, and review it to make sure everything is accurate and accounted for.

    4) Ordering
    Order the SLIP™ Kit through our online customer portal. You will sign a sales agreement that shows the order and lists the terms and agreements of the sale. 50% of the order total, and 50% is required when the order is ready to ship.

    5) Make Room
    SLIP™ kits arrive in crates. Depending on the order, crates can be heavy and large. Crates will be bigger than the largest height and width given in your measurements. Crates arrive at LTL, and there must be a planned space to put them when they arrive.

    6) Wait in Anticipation
    All products are custom-made. We will give you an estimated time of arrival when your shipment will arrive. SLIP™ kits are created and will arrive LTL to you. SLIPs can take approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive after the order is placed.

    Reach out & we’ll answer any questions you have to help you get started.

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