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To reach more people with this great product in 2020, we will start selling SLIPs in DIY Kits. A single pane window insulation kit.

These kits are great for savvy homeowners or for a contractor to install. You can install SLIPs independently if you have the right level of woodworking skills and familiarity with tools. Installing SLIPs on your windows can be a great home improvement project to do it yourself to increase the comfort and performance of your house. We provide you with a SLIP™ installation video on multiple window types that will guide you through the different steps of the project. We pack your materials in the kit assembled, cut, and labeled. Grab your tools, open the kit, and start the install.

Before ordering the product, ask yourself some questions…

Information you need to know.

Download this PDF FILE and use the form to help you in the measuring / quoting process.
When complete, group the windows that have the same specs and enter them into the quote form below this message.

  • Window Type: Indicate whether single or double hung, casement, picture window, or French casement.
  • Sash Daylight Size: Measure the top and bottom sash daylight size and input those numbers below.
    • For Single Sash Windows use (Top Sash D/L Width and Top Sash D/L Height).
    • For Double Hung, Picture Windows and French Casement use both (Top Sash D/L Width and Top Sash D/L Height) and
    • (Bottom Sash D/L Width and Bottom Sash D/L Height)Watch our measurement video for how to daylight size.
  • Glass Option: Enter the type of glass you would like the slip to be built with;
    Options are (Regular Clear, Low-E Coated, and Obscure Privacy Glass)
  • SLIP™ Color: Choose your SLIP Color (Delicate White, Bronze Caramel or Pearl) (see image below)

SLIP Extrusions are coated with PPG Product

Current colors are as follows:

"*" indicates required fields



Tell Us About Your Project:

You can send us a copy of the estimated quote value of the project that you would like us to check.
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Window Type Qty Color Glass Type Weatherstripping Top Sash D/L Width (Inches) Top Sash D/L Height (Inches) Bottom Sash D/L Width (Inches) Bottom Sash D/L Height (Inches) Sash Operation Balance Type Include Hidden Balances Actions