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Introducing the Slim Line Insulating Pane | SLIP™

For Vintage Windows, Winterize Windows with the SLIP™ (Slim Line Insulating Pane), an innovative and cost-effective way to retain your original Old Windows, while making them more efficient and saving you money. SLIPs are designed to update single-pane wood windows to modern standards. We have made it possible to add an additional pane directly to each sash overlaying your current glass setup. This simple solution can rejuvenate Single hung, double hung, casements, picture windows and more. When SLIPs are added to operating windows the sash are kerfed and weatherstripped. Doublehungs are installed with a hidden balance system which results in a smooth operating window that you don’t have to fight with.This modernization is a long term solution that does not seasonally need to be reinstalled.

A SLIP™ will dramatically boost insulation power in your windows and will bring great savings to your month to month energy bills.  In terms of insulation power, SLIPs have been tested and are comparable with insulated glass conversions. However, unlike glass conversions, SLIPs will not succumb to seal failure and require periodic glass replacement.

SLIPs are highly effective, well designed and well-priced, giving you superior value when compared to alternatives. Modern storm windows can be big bulky and a hassle. SLIPs have a sleek look and feel with a low profile that blend into the sash; you’ll hardly know they are there. Another key aspect is that SLIPs will ensure your window sash remains fully operable, without the need to open two sets of windows as you sometimes get with storm windows. You’ll retain FULL functionality without having to alter your vintage glass.

Some of the benefits of the SLIP:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Sound reduction
  • Less expensive than a window/IGU replacement
  • Maintains original window glass
  • Windows can stay historically accurate and functional
  • Solid, well-designed construction and material
  • interior or exterior install
  • Options of Clear, Tinted, or Low-e
  • Tested and proven product
  • Extremely low future maintenance cost

When attaching the product directly to the sash it gives the window insulating properties without replacing or altering the original glass. Not only do we believe that SLIPs are a better alternative to the
traditional storm window or inserts, we think in many cases they are a favored alternative to insulated glass conversions. This is because homeowners can keep their original vintage and wavy glass, drastically increase insulation, AND have lower future costs of upkeep…

….The future maintenance costs of SLIPs are little to none. Since SLIPs have air vents and are not true insulated glass units, they will not fail and require replacing like true Insulated glass units are known to do.

“Based on the energy modeling that we did for the building, including live mock ups, the study showed that the SLIPS were very close to the energy performance of the IGU option, and given the lower cost the decision was made to go with the SLIP”

Testing performed by Energy Studies in Building Laboratory, Department of Architecture- University of Oregon

Residential Homes

Over 20 years of working with homeowners with vintage windows and encountering problems has motivated us come up with this product. We have listened to vintage homeowners problems and concerns with their windows and we took action. Our mission was to create a quality product that would resolve issues such as insulation, noise, functionality and protection all while being aesthetically pleasing and at a reasonable price.

There are 3 ways to get SLIPs on your windows-

  1. Buy directly from us for self-install..  CLICK HERE

  2. If in your area, use a certified installer..CLICK HERE

  3. Have a 3rd party handyman/contractor install for you

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Historical Preservation

Wood windows and their functional and decorative features are of utmost importance in defining a buildings overall historic character. Our products mission is to never jeopardize that, but to improve upon it. Old wood windows are the most valued in the market today and easily outlast modern manufactured wood windows. Vintage windows can have problems such as drafts, low insulation power, and little protection from outside elements our SLIP™ product can take care of these issues. All while still having your windows keeping historical integrity.

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Commercial Buildings

SLIPs have successfully been put to use in many commercial buildings and results have been outstanding. Building occupants noticed how much warmer the building is and how much smoother windows operate when letting fresh air in. Building owners will definitely notice the month to month savings in energy bills.

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