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Window Noise Reduction Properties

How to Reduce Noise By Modernizing Your Windows

We’ve all seen the horror movies and read the murder mystery novels where it’s a “dark and stormy night” and everyone is on edge, partially because of creaking, banging windows.  Although storm sounds can be great for a novelist or director, they aren’t the best when you’re trying to sleep, work, or for protecting the quality of your home.

SLIP is a solution for old wood windows that does a variety of things to improve your windows and bring them to modern quality without losing the traditional look, feel, and appeal of the older wood windows. SLIP™ stands for Slim Line Insulating Pane and is a cost-effective and innovative way of retaining your original windows while improving them at the same time.  It’s truly a win-win situation.

Here are 4 ways that Window SLIP can reduce the noise level of your current windows:

  1.  Better Sound Reduction  – Because of the extra pane that’s added, and the quality and materials with which SLIP is made, it will reduce outside noises such as car alarms, dogs barking, traffic, and other neighborhood nuisances. This will also allow for a more serene bed and bath time, as well as better conversations with friends and a more accommodating entertaining space. Conversely, you also don’t have to worry about the noise you make. 
  2. Increased Protection in a Storm – Not only will Window SLIP reduce the noise that you hear from a storm, but it will also offer increased protection, meaning less likelihood that dangerous trees, shrubs, rocks, or debris will compromise your windows and come into your home.  A broken window is not only costly, but it also equals even more noise heard outside, among other things 
  3. Better stay for your customers —  If you perhaps have a hotel, bed, and breakfast, or even an Airbnb your customers will benefit from the noise-insulating properties. Less noise coming in and less noise going out 
  4. Eliminates air leaks and drafts — With window SLIP and our additional provided weatherstripping, you won’t have any of the noise that you get from air leaks and drafts, on top of the noise reduction and effects of using this type of glass addition. 

    There are many reasons why a homeowner would want to try Window SLIP in their home, from trying to keep the original beauty of an old home, to price and practicality concerns, but noise reduction is a big advantage of Window SLIP.

  1. Eliminates rattling — The weatherstripping can also stop the sash from rattling, which will be especially helpful when traffic comes down the road, particularly if you’re in a busy city or near a freeway. 

For more information on how to reduce your noisy windows, you can click here for our FAQ.  

The next time it’s a dark and stormy night, you’ll be able to kick back and relax with your murder mystery book, knowing that your window will be among the survivors!

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