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Common Wood Window Types

The Top 5 Vintage Window Types and How You Can Restore Them

It is no secret that a window, in a broad sense, is a vented barrier in a wall opening that allows light and air into a home. The views tend to be quite lovely as well! But taking it a step further into the definition, you will discover that windows come in all sorts of styles, each with its own characteristics, features, and motives. Some may open, some may not, and some may be double hung whereas others single hung. To give you some more in-depth insight into the different vintage window types, here are the top 5 most common ones that you might have in your home already.

  1. Casement

First up are casement windows. This is a vintage window style that hinges on one side and opens outward on the other, just like a door. This is perfect if you want great airflow and more scenic views, as they tend to be on the taller and wider side. Casement windows can hinge on different sides and can turn into different types of windows such as a hopper windows or an awning.

  1. French Casement

Like a regular casement, a French casement is when you have two casement windows that are side by side, opening from the center. These do not have vertical posts between them, called a mullion, so all you have to do is simply crank them open at the same time to get a full unobstructed view and fresh air.

  1. Single Hung

Single-hung windows are certainly the more prominent windows in homes. They offer a basic look and can either give off vintage or modern vibes. With these, you are able to raise the window sash or the bottom half, but the top half stays immobile. Generally, these are rectangular or square-shaped, easy to clean, and very simple to use.

  1. Double Hung

Double-hung windows are very similar to single hung, but these tend to have two halves. Though they are still often the rectangle or square shaped, both the top and the bottom sashes are able to slide open. This rises the advantage of allowing warm air to leave your home while allowing more cooling air to enter at the bottom.  Overall, they are fantastic at airing out spaces and again, easy to maintain, and very user-friendly to maneuver.

  1. Picture Windows

Another view-enhancing style is the picture window. In fact, many people install or invest in homes with this type due to its ability to open up to the outside world to enjoy the view from the inside. Though most are never open to provide ventilation, they are usually large (can fill an entire wall if you wanted it to), offer an unobstructed view, and are a great way to add value to a home.

Conclusion – Leveraging SLIP™

There is nothing quite like the aesthetic appeal of a vintage window, especially ones that have been restored by SLIP™. Because let’s face it, even if a window looks impressive, if it is not functioning well, it will be a devalue. But window restoration with SLIPs keeps that desired antique vibe while improving efficiency, and operation, and saving you money by boosting insulation power.  From the top vintage window types mentioned above to many more, this attractive aluminum extrusion design is made to rejuvenate the responsibility of your windows, all while blending in with the sash so you will hardly notice it there.

So, if you have a rectangular or square window type such as the ones mentioned in this post, or a window that is not up to par, give SLIPs professionals a call. They will be able to assist you further on the next steps to take to get back to prime vintage window performance.

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