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Stained and Leaded Glass Insulation

It’s no secret that the purpose of a window is to gain a view outside and admit light inside. However, with leaded (no color) and stained (color) glass windows, the primary purpose is not to give people a visual of the outside, but to beautify the space, control the light exposure, and in places such as churches, tell a story. From promising stained glass Egyptian origins in 2750 and 2625 B.C., to the rising popularity of these window styles today, there are beneficial reasons why they have stuck around so long.


There is no shortage of options when it comes to picking out leaded or stained glass windows. They come in a vast range of shapes, patterns, textures, colors (if you decide to go with stained), and sizes that can match your visions perfectly. The reality that it can conform and be costumed to fit your needs is what truly makes these windows so unique and sought out.

Increase Property Value  

The stunning, elegant features of leaded glass windows and stained glass windows have been shown to increase the value of a home or building significantly. According to Scottish Stained Glass, homes that contain these glass features are appraised higher than homes with standard windows. According to them, a $300 stained glass window you invest in can equate to a $3,000 increase in your overall market value. This, along with the inevitable higher perceived value, overshadows homes with the same appraised dollar value almost every time. This is certainly something to consider if you are looking to sell.

It’s Unique

Being unique is a top reason why people opt-in for these window alternatives. It creates that one-of-a-kind, memorable environment, makes the space more attractive, and gives people more pride in knowing that they are not like everyone else. That feeling of adding an artistic touch to an area that leaves lasting impressions is one that many people strive for when it comes to interior designing.

More Privacy

For those living in a busier location, stained glass windows or textured leaded windows are both great options to increase privacy without having to use shades or blinds every day. This is a way to still get sunlight coming through, and not have to worry about others passing by and seeing clearly inside your home or workspace.


As you can see, both leaded and stained glass windows are an extremely enriching addition. It adds value, and character, and provides an optimal aesthetic appeal that you could not achieve with a standard window. If you have already decided that this is the route you want to take, make sure you understand how to place them correctly. Installing leaded or stained glass windows can either be done by you or by a professional if you are more comfortable with that. You may also want to look into adding SLIPs to your process to maximize the performance of your windows. Remember, these windows may be there to look wonderful, but if they are not functioning effectively, you may lose more than you are gaining.

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