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Why is window restoration a better option than replacement?

If you’re wondering whether to restore or entirely replace your home windows, you’ve just ended up in the right place. And this dilemma is added upon by the ‘easier fix’, which the replacement work promises. But is it really that easy? There are many factors you have to consider before choosing between either of them. The historic fabric of your old windows, their aesthetic value, the high-quality hardwood that is hardly available these days, and life span of your windows, and most importantly, the cost factor.

Your old windows have already lasted for several decades and still their wood profile is anytime better than the wood used in new replacement windows. They can last another 80+ years if well repaired.

The replacement windows will run for not more than 20 years and they cannot be repaired. Your old windows were finely crafted to match the design of the building. Can modern replacement windows go along with the aesthetic features of the building and its surroundings? No, and definitely not in historic buildings. But the biggest reason which contractors give you to go with replacement is that replacing your windows increases the ‘energy-efficiency of your homes by a considerable amount. But what if I tell you that restoration and innovation can go hand-in-hand. This is possible in many ways. And we will present a product that has an energy performance factor and it comes at a lower cost. Through window SLIP, you are cutting greatly to your maintenance budgets and heavy electricity bills. And it goes efficiently while repairing your windows. This guide will explain why restoration is a better option than a complete replacement and how you can leverage technology to save your budget using SLIP.

Why is restoration a better option than replacement?

1. Repair before replace

If you replace your old windows with new windows, they will demand replacement in not more than 20 years, so it’s definitely not the best solution. However, if you choose to restore your windows, and take good care of them, they might last another century. It also allows you to integrate your home with the historic fabric it has been proud of for decades. And this is no secret that replacement windows are not repairable.

2. Cost factor: restoration vs replacement

The cost factor is one that adds to the difficulty of choosing between either- restoration or replacement. Well, replacement window manufacturers keep pushing for replacing your windows entirely. But the concern is yours- not to get your bank robbed by expensive replacement windows. If a replacement window comes roughly around 600-700$ per window, replacing several windows might cost you thousands of dollars. But restoration is done only for the areas and components of the windows damaged. You need not replace the entire window for small repairable damage. With the innovation in the form of SLIP, the entire restoration process becomes very cost-effective.

3. Use of technology

Modern problems require modern solutions. That being indisputably settled, restoration is apparently considered to be a conventional solution. This is one of the reasons cited to sell more replacement windows. But we provide you with a highly innovative and less costly solution of insulating your windows with SLIP from any further damage. Also, repairing old windows is a fine craft and it will always be a priority for those who love the vintage touch of their home windows.

4. Sustainable with nature

Replacement window manufacturers convince people to replace their vintage wood windows in the name of energy efficiency and environment friendly. But they forget to mention that replacement windows are aluminum, vinyl, or a composite with wood, that are manufactured to be thrown out once they malfunction. This is more or less a loss in net energy conservation, a waste of a historic character, and your building’s resources. Repairing your windows instead of replacement is a sustainable practice and a ‘greener choice’.

5. Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is yet another consideration for choosing restoration instead of replacement. Replacement windows are designed to fit within your window openings. But over time, gaps open up around replacement windows due to the move and shift in old homes. The resultant drafts are a big energy nuisance and demand further repair. Installing SLIP strengthens the window insulation and reduces heat loss to a great extent.

6. Save the aesthetics of your home

Vintage windows use woods and glasses that might not be available today. The vintage windows were designed to resonate with the aesthetics of the rest of the building. Replacing the older windows with new replacement windows makes your building seem at odds. Replacement irreparably damages the styling of the historic buildings. The restoration work done on windows spends a deal of time and effort to save the classic appeal and the character of your home.

7. Better quality materials

The wood used in the vintage windows is much denser and of fine quality. That kind of hardwood is way better than what is grown today. They are also warped and rot-resistant in comparison to the modern-day wood which easily succumbs to rots. This is the reason why the antique windows have withstood decades of extreme weather without extra materials to aid their weather resistance. With restoration, you give back to your vintage windows their allure and strength.

8. Increase your window life

  Is it wise to throw out your durable and strong windows just because they have become dull, maybe unattractive, and got some little creaks? While you can restore your windows to their original pride with a little maintenance and care, and a low budget, of course, it is not advisable to replace them with new ones. Let’s look at the warranty factor here. Replacement windows are least likely to function after 20 years so investing your money just for sinking it after two decades is not wise. Old windows can last for more than 80-100 years if restored and maintained. You already know that they have lasted longer even without much care.

9. Better lighting

Antique windows have a bigger sash than the replacement windows. It allows for more sunlight to enter. In the freezing winters, this sunlight aids the heating system of your home. With SLIPs installed, it keeps the windows well-insulated to trap the heat inside your home which greatly reduces the heating costs. Replacement windows have a lesser area to let in the light, maybe just enough to evaporate the fog on the windows instead of heating the insides.

10. Effective insulation

Gain and loss of heat through the windows are responsible for almost 30% of the residential cooling and heating energy consumption. When your old windows are still in a functional condition, updating them to improve their energy efficiency saves you a lot of money on energy costs and makes your home more comfortable. This also saves you from the worry of choosing the right design, energy labeling, type of replacement, and warranties.

Update your windows with SLIP

SLIP( Slim Line Insulating Pane) is an innovative way to update your existing windows to advanced standards. This is your answer to the pestering problems of drafty windows and the low energy efficiency of your home. By adding a SLIP to the sash, you can transform your single-pane window into a double-paned window. As the name suggests, each tempered pane attaches to your sash such that it is hardly visible and it works in single-hung, double-hung, picture windows, casements, and others.

SLIP is not a temporary solution but it is a durable fix that doesn’t need seasonal reinstallation. SLIPs have undergone various tests and experiments which show that they can be compared with insulated glass units. More than that, SLIPs are resistant to fogging and they don’t succumb to seal failure, unlike the glass units. This means that you do not need seasonal glass replacement which saves your future maintenance budget. Boosting the insulation power in your existing windows and saving your electricity bills– this is what SLIP has been designed for. They are less costly and more effective than their available alternatives. With SLIP fastened to the face of the sash, you need not open two sets of windows to let in the air, and with its sleek look and low profile, SLIP becomes highly discreet. Why should you choose to install SLIPs?

  • Zero to extremely low future maintenance costs
  • The high energy efficiency of your home
  • Low costs and easy installation
  • Retain your original window look
  • Sound reduction
  • Better insulation
  • A green choice

Chosen Wood Window Maintenance believes that restoring the original windows is a more practical and informed solution than people realize. It is advisable to repair and retain your existing windows whenever possible. Our experts have decades of experience in bringing to life even the considerably damaged windows to maintain the building’s significance. Ask us if you need any further information about window maintenance or your projects! [/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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