How SLIP can Protect Your Windows from Snowfall Damages

Winters can be unpredictable, with temperatures plummeting down to minus figures and windstorms forcing you to stay inside. And while you are inside you might be worried about the damages cold weather can do to your homes.   However, we will stick with how snowfall can damage your windows and the best solution you will [...]

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Be energy efficient using Window SLIP | Wood Window Restoration

How many problems among there can you all relate to? Heat loss, water leaks, poor sound reduction, storm window problems, etc. And how many solutions have you tried?   Numerous, isn’t it? And every time you choose a new solution, the maintenance cost just rises. We have seen people complaining that they seem to find [...]

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Common Wood Window Types

The Top 5 Vintage Window Types and How You Can Restore Them It is no secret that a window, in a broad sense, is a vented barrier in a wall opening that allows light and air into a home. The views tend to be quite lovely as well! But taking it a step further [...]

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Stained and Leaded Glass Insulation

It’s no secret that the purpose of a window is to gain a view outside and admit light inside. However, with leaded (no color) and stained (color) glass windows, the primary purpose is not to give people a visual of the outside, but to beautify the space, control the light exposure, and in places [...]

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Go Green With Window Restoration

Restoring Vintage Windows Can Save Energy and Money Think you need to replace your old windows to go green? Think again Today, words like energy-efficient and green get tossed around like a baseball. When it comes to home repairs, deciding what will actually save energy and be good for the planet can be a [...]

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Window Noise Reduction Properties

  How to Reduce Noise By Modernizing Your Windows We’ve all seen the horror movies and read the murder mystery novels where it’s a “dark and stormy night” and everyone is on edge, partially because of creaking, banging windows.  Although storm sounds can be great for a novelist or director, they aren’t the best when [...]

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