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10 Reasons You Need Wood Windows For Your House

Windows are more like comfort than a necessity of a home now. Their function starts from brightening our rooms to enhancing house appearance, inside and out. When paired right to the style of the architecture, they give another life to the home. Aesthetics is an important reason to invest in appealing windows. Where beauty is so much praised. At the same place, people notice every little detail of the house, from windows to the ceiling finish.  A classic quote of Rose Tarlow can determine windows importance- “If eyes are the windows to our souls, then windows are the eyes into the soul of a house.” When you’re unsure about the aperture that will match your standard and budget, go for an evergreen choice: wood. Undoubtedly wood is a solid and charming material that will always top the chart. In a nutshell, it is a good insulator, reasonably priced, and can be assembled into an extensive number of shapes. Technically, the first civilized option that humans picked to construct a window for their living place was a wood window. You may find yourself using several different materials to build windows that benefit your home. We will address in the article why you need wood windows for that undeniable charisma of your place.

Comparing Wood Window With Looks of Other Window Material

People worldwide choose wood over other materials mainly because of its aesthetic value. Their belief is stuck on a point that it is tougher to find such naturally texture-oriented, grainy, and firm material like wood. Since no two planks of wood are the same, so is their milling. You will get profuse combinations based on the type of wood you opt for and the varnish applied. In terms of styling and providing long-term utility, wood is again unbeatable. When your home is historical or a home that demands to preserve desirability for a long time, wood windows are the finest choices across the globe. Secondly, when you already have a wood house, You can perfectly match windows with your walls on the exterior and interior. If you wish to be a bit creative, you can add different wood colors to create a contrasting look.

Benefits of Wood Window

1.   Wood Has Classic Aesthetic Value

Windows can make a big difference in the look and feel of a home’s interior. The house will look older if it has old windows. A complete home transformation can occur by upgrading to new windows. Homeowners can be budget specific and creative at the same time, by choosing the right material. Both fiberglass and vinyl material used in window making may attempt to imitate the wood look. But these manufactured materials can not be as good as natural alternatives like wood can be. But why choose an imitation over natural beauty? Wood windows are here to keep your home classic and warm. Wooden vintage frames are elegant and soothing to the eyes. They are compatible with all architectural styles and can work with both traditional and modern designs.

2.   Wood Windows are Customizable

To create a unique look that matches your style, you can paint or stain wood windows. You can paint, stain, or protect wood windows with many different finishes. You can also add various finishes (matte, shiny, or silky) to your regular paint to improve the texture. You may use different wood finishes to accent your home. Aluminum and vinyl windows can’t be textured or improved according to your will. When directed accordingly, manufacturers do factory-finish windows. This gives windows a stronger finish that requires less maintenance in the future. A timber construction material is versatile and customizable. Wooden doors and windows can be carved with intricate designs or unique inscriptions. This allows you the flexibility to personalize your windows and doors to match the colors in your home.

3.   Wood is a Durable and Long Lasting

Wood is a natural material and has a low expansion coefficient of all the materials used in building window frames and doors. This means that wood is not affected by normal thermal fluctuations and will not shrink or contract due to changes in the weather. The cycle of freezing and thawing becomes important to consider in heavy rainfall/snowfall areas to predict the life of window material. Wooden frames are ideal for protecting glass windows and doors. Most windows and doors nowadays are fixed with glass. Wood acts as a perfect shield in protection from weather conditions. Also, Wooden frames can last longer if they are properly sealed. Additionally, wood is completely resistant to rust or smut, making it ideal for homes located in extremely humid regions. Wood windows need to be maintained to last longer, avoid wear and tear and preserve their beauty. Your wood windows will last up to 30+ years with proper care.

4.   Energy-efficient or Insulation Properties of Wood

Wood has 400x more insulation power than steel frames and 1,800x more than aluminum windows. Wood, being a natural insulator, doesn’t readily transfer heat. Wood frames will make your home more comfortable in the winter and summer. If insulation is good, you can make great energy savings by doing nothing. Insulated homes are subject to be less expensive, and they don’t generate high energy bills. They also make it easier to be eco-friendly because the heat and cold stay within the walls. When wood is installed in windows or doors, it is one of the poorest conductors of heat and electricity. Another option is an inner timber frame covered by plastic or aluminum, called composite frames. This additional coverage may reduce the need for extra maintenance and help in keeping the frame weatherproof.

5.   Noise Reduction Function of Wood Window

Wood windows can reduce noise pollution along with unwanted heat loss and heat gain. Wood windows can be an effective barrier to noise pollution from busy streets and new neighborhoods where you can feel comfortable in your own home. Double pane or acoustic glass will increase the noise-resistant power of the wood frame. This will keep the noise out of your house and will promote quality time with the family.

6. Easy Maintenance of Wood Window

Wood blocks are not going to rust like metal in the third or fourth rain. Some homeowners believe that wood windows are difficult to maintain because they facilitate mold growth in humid climates. However, maintenance is not a huge problem when wooden frames are made of high-quality timber and are sealed with good sealants. Wood windows at home need regular dusting and occasional cleaning with soap and warm water. A little maintenance of wood frames will save them from developing cracks. But still, if you are having any issues with the wood windows installed at your places like cracks, rot, or mold, You can contact experts for the restoration of your historic window at affordable prices. CHOSEN believes in the restoration and repair of the unique components of your house.

7.   Wood Window can be Easily Repaired

Minor to major repairs may be required for some synthetic or natural windows as per their use. We can assure you of complex damage repair of wood by experienced technicians. We can remove wood windowpanes without damaging them before refinishing them. Sealants and adhesives can fill most cracks and damages. Paints and polishes can be used to cover minor damage or stains. Wood is not prone to scuffs, but it can be repaired with a finish or coating.

8.   Sustainable and EnvironmeEnvironment-FriendlyWood

Going green is not just a trend. Most homeowners want to reduce emissions and other non-renewable resource consumption. A good place to start is wood windows. Wooden window frames are an eco-friendly option for homeowners looking to “go Green.” Timber is considered to be the most livable construction material. Wood is a renewable resource and would take much less energy in replenishment than any non-renewable source (example- iron ore). PVC windows are eight times more expensive and emit more greenhouse gases than timber frames. Vinyl windows also produce 43 percent per center.

9.   Using Wood is Value for Money in Long Run

As Warren Buffet says, “Always invest for the long term.” Wood windows may appear costly when we consider the early payments during installation. But you can adjust prices accordingly by adjusting various factors. Choice of window size, style, and glazing technologies all contribute to the cost. Wooden window frames can outlive most other window-making materials; they are worth the investment. Here you won’t feel like losing money on big repairs again and again because of the firmness of the material. It is less prone to instant physical damage, and minor cracks can be camouflaged by refinishing.

10.  Safety and Security

It’s just not the matte of the frame of your window but also the user. The stronger windows have more security locks to guard your home. Hardwood frames along with laminated glass, give homeowners added peace of mind. This home upgrade will increase security and make it harder for intruders to break it (hopefully, this will never be a situation).

Final Words: Using Wood Windows to Transform Your Home

  • Wood is the element to outshine your place with no extra effort. The trained restoration crew of CHOSEN can refurbish the window frame if it is needed.
  • We restore the frame to structurally sound condition, so it is ready for finishing.
  • We want to preserve as much of the unique material of your place as possible. We can also replicate parts with high-quality materials if certain components are not salvageable.
  • We also do other maintenance services like finish paint to wood windows.
  • The wood windows will be finished in a way that is aesthetic, efficient, and strong.

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