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With rising energy costs, many architects and builders are turning to replacement windows to solve a buildings energy issues.  SLIPs are a vintage building retrofit that will allow you to save your valuable vintage windows and all the benefits they come with, like quality wood fir and longevity, and also update to modern standards of efficiency and operability at a lower cost. Your vintage windows are built with hardwood materials that will outlast modern replacements. Don’t throw them out!

SLIPs are quality built, and are durable enough to withstand the test of time and the elements. Although SLIPs are easy to remove for cleaning we find that many customers do not take them off because they do not let dirt in between the panes. The gaskets are too thin to let bugs and dirt in. They are meant  to be left all year round because the SLIPs blend in and become part of the window itself. SLIPS carry all the benefits of insulated glass conversions but instead of routing out all individual lites and buying countless insulated glass units just, cover the existing glass with one SLIP to create a simulated IGU that will never fail like conventional insulated glass.

SLIPs can be used for many different purposes, standard Slips come with clear tempered glass. On request, you can have frosted, low-e, and tinted glass. Slips have the ability to be installed on the interior or exterior. Standard SLIPs use a hidden balance system but can also be fitted with vintage pocket weights if desired.

SLIPs are a proven product and have been used on big projects such as Fort Vancouver, U of O Gerlinger Hall, Oregon State Strand Ag hall and many more.

SLIP Drawings
Energy Tests

Straub Hall was chosen to be outfitted with SLIPs. Based on the energy modeling that we did for the building, including live mock-ups, the study showed that the SLIPs were very close to the energy performance of the IGU option, and given the lower cost the decision was made to go with the SLIP system. We are now three years into occupancy and have had no issues with the windows. The SLIPs are unobtrusive, allowing us to save hundreds of historic windows and still meet our stringent standards of energy performance that exceed Oregon State Code.

George Bleekman, Capital Design & Facilities Management

For a simple yet powerful way to modernize yet retain the charm and value of your vintage windows SLIP’s is the perfect product.

We sought to retain the look of a vintage window, while giving enhanced protection from the outside elements along with an modern insulation values. Storm windows can be big, bulky, and a nuisance when trying to open your window. With storm windows, you’ll need to open two sets of windows to get fresh air, you’ll lose about two inches of viewing around the perimeter of the window and breaking parts is very common.  With a SLIP there are no moving parts they attach right to your sash. They have a very low profile, you lose no viewing space. Lastly, they’re easy to go on and easy to come off, however we found over the years that there’s no real reason to take them off, that means in a big building you’ll save money by not having to pay for installation and removal every year. The slip product can be installed on the interior or the exterior of the building and when painted the color of the window it’s hard to tell they’re even there. With SLIPs installed, your window sash will remain fully operable, retain full functionality without having to alter your vintage glass.

Energy Explained:

U value is used to rate doors and windows. A U-value is usually sought to be a low number because it is a measure of how much heat energy is lost or gained. The lower the U-factor, the greater a window’s insulating properties. According to a report by the University of Oregon titled “Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory,” our revolutionary product caused a single pane window a reduction in u-value of 26%. That is neck and neck with 28% for insulated glass. A low U-value means lower energy costs by having better insulation for your home. A SLIP provides nearly the same u-value as insulated glass units but at a far lower cost. With the energy savings they produce, SLIPs quickly pay for themselves. All the while adding value to your building.

The other benefit with SLIPs is its simplicity. There are no operating pieces, there is no alteration of the window, and the SLIPs become a part of the window itself. All SLIP glass is tempered. SLIPs as opposed to IGUs, do not fail over time. They act and have many of the same properties of an IGU without failing and causing your windows to fog. There will never be a need to change out glass do to a failed glass unit. This means very low future maintenance cost.

SLIPs have a clear and simple design that allows for ease of installation. It is very fast and easy for installation. Just line up the daylight view of the SLIP to the outside edge of the putty line so that the SLIP is even and level on all sides and install screws. The windows are than kerfed and weatherstripping is applied to all 4 perimeter surfaces to ensure a tight sealed window.

Installing the SLIP system on a double hung window is simple too but does take certain tools such as a plunge router (for the fitting of the balance system). Steps include kerf for weatherstripping, install the SLIP just by lining up the daylight and screw it on. Route the sides of the sash in order to install a balance system. You could also add additional weight into the weight pockets if the balance system isn’t right for your individual project. Lastly, reinstall the sash and window parts.