Get to know your windows!

Wood windows are the best type of window on the market. They are the most attractive, energy efficient(wood as apposed to other materials), and reliable windows on the market today. The wood windows can often be the point of sale when selling the house. If you have wood windows, its nice to know information like types as well as the different components that make up a complete window. Bare in mind, these aren’t the only type of wood windows, just the type SLIPs can be installed on.

Common Wood Window Types


Casement windows were very popular in older buildings and are still very popular today. These windows are fixed into place and are mounted in your window, having one side fixed into place. Casement windows are hinged to swing out to let air in. They are usually operated with a crank mechanism, although other mechanism and ways of casement operation exist

Double hung / Single Hung

Double hung windows are the most popular windows found in older buildings. All single hung windows were actually double hung windows at one point; meaning both top and bottom sash operate. Over time the top sash most likely got fixed shut, leaving only the bottom sash to operate. Although this is the most popular configuration, you too, can get the top sash operating again if you like with a little TLC. Double hung windows have the most components but they are easy to learn.

Picture Window

Picture windows are large, although sometimes smaller, that usually will reign over a wall of a room. These windows are fixed shut and tend to let a lot of natural light into the room. Picture windows often can be be found at the focal point of amazing views.

Awning Window

Awning windows that open outward from the bottom and fixed at the top. Awnings and casements are very similar, the difference is the directions they open. They are also similar in they way they operate. Awning windows usually operate by a crank mechanism and need to be manually cranked to the open position.

Hopper Window

Hopper windows open from the top out; meaning the bottom will not move. Although hoppers are not as common they are good for ventilation. Hopper windows are more popular in regions where rain inst as common, because leaving a hopper window open can cause water to make its way into the house.

Pivot Window

Pivot windows are windows that can rotate 180 degrees and sometimes even more. They function by 2 pivoting mechanisms located in the center of either the horizontal or vertical axis of the window. Pivot windows can let a massive amount of ventilation into a building and are a breeze to clean, as you will be able to spin the window and access the other side.

French Casement

French casement windows are 2 casement windows that swing out just as you find a normal casement would. They secure shut by locking and securing together. French casement windows feature aesthetic appeal.

Components of a Window

There are many different components that make up wood windows. Its important to get to know the different components when working with them. This illustration to the right is a double-hung window, but share much of the same components as other wood window types

Note: The check rails are where the bottom sash and the top sash meet at the middle of the window. Labeled here as ‘Meeting Rails’