Vintage Wood Windows = Proven Performers

Chances are your windows have done their job for 50-100 or more years already. Sure, they may be a little creaky and may not be as attractive as they once were, but it’s a far better investment to repair a proven performer than to sink money into a new window that only has a 20-year warranty at best. With proper maintenance, your antique windows should last another 100 years. Replacement windows are most often set into the original window opening, and the sash is smaller than the original sash. You get less viewing area and less light. Who wants less light? Replacement windows have a rigid structure that fits within your window openings. Old houses move and shift over time, and frequently the gaps that open up around replacement windows and the window openings result in more drafts than the original windows.

Window restoration products bring a lot to the table. Window updates of any type should be a consideration before the replacement of your windows.


Modern Storms: Unlike modern storms, The SLIP™ fastens to the face of the sash and will act as a permanent fixture/upgrade; with the option of removal if desired. The product attaches to the sash and therefore functions with the sash, no opening two sets of windows to get air; it’s very discreet. To seal around the sash, the SLIP™ system comes with kerf-in weatherstripping. The weatherstripping also helps tighten up the sash in the opening for smoother operation. Since the SLIP™ is not fastened or caulked to the frame, you do you wouldn’t need to have a messy caulking removal, that may rip up siding if you remove.

Inserts: the SLIP™ is fastened to the sash and functions with the sash. No need for installation and removal when you want to open windows. The SLIP™ comes with heat strengthened tempered glass that can act as a security blanket for your windows. When installed on the exterior, the SLIP™ will protect your original glazing from the elements.

Window Replacement:  Replacing your original windows will bring loss in the look of your building and the loss of valuable materials. The green choice is to upgradeTo see all the reasons.. Click Here

Overall…. Upgrading your windows with an insulation product rather than replacement will bring you greater value

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“Based on the energy modeling that we did for the building, including live mock ups, the study showed that the SLIPS were very close to the energy performance of the IGU option, and given the lower cost the decision was made to go with the SLIP” -George Bleekman, Owner’s Representative, Capital Design & Facilities Management

Testing performed by Energy Studies in Building Laboratory, Department of Architecture- University of Oregon

When it comes to windows, the lower the U-value, the better performance