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Click the link to view how the SLIP held up on energy tests… SLIP Energy Report

“My second experience was on Straub Hall (1929), where again the windows were removed, striped and repaired as needed, and in this instance were outfitted with the SLIPS. Based on the energy modeling that we did for the building, including live mock ups, the study showed that the SLIPS were very close to the energy performance of the IUG option, and given the lower cost the decision was made to go with the SLP system. We are now three years into occupancy and have had no issues with the windows. The SLIPS are very unobtrusive, and we were able to save hundreds of historic windows and still met our stringent standards of energy performance that exceeds Oregon State Code. “

George Bleekman, Owner's Representative, Capital Design & Facilities Management

“Chosen Wood Windows Company was excellent. They were reliable and responsible. They did what they said they were going to do when they said they were going to do it and for the price they said, which was a fair price. We were able to keep our original windows from 1936. They are now operable again and insulated. We were able to take our storm windows off. This is a valuable addition to our home.”

Peter Wright, Homeowner