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Windows that were built from 1800-1970 most likely were built of fir or cedar wood. Fir and cedar wood are known and revered for their high quality and durability. DO NOT replace them. These windows have over the years been long lasting and the best windows. The dense material is invaluable for fighting dry rot/ If your windows are made of cedar, fir or any other high quality hardwood, do not be lured into thinking that you need to replace your existing wood windows because you will be often be sold with a lesser quality, soft wood, replacement window that does not match your house.

Original windows will add aesthetic & monetary value to your home

Apart from being long lasting, wood windows can add aesthetic & monetary value to your home. It is not easy to find high quality wood windows especially hardwood windows, being produced today and if so they are quite expensive.  This means that your home will hold more value with the original windows. Instead of replacing them, your existing wood windows can be brought back into great shape and made more functional and more energy efficient, that rivals newly produced windows, while holding more value and beauty by repairing them.

Are you a homeowner living in a vintage house or apartment?

If so, are you tired of your non-functioning, uninsulated, drafty windows? Its time to Update!

Owning an old home can sometimes be challenging.  While you love the charm of your vintage home, it can be costly and time-consuming to manage.

Some of the challenges of owning an old home can include:

  • Loss of heat and air-conditioning through leaky windows
  • Water damage and leaks around window frames
  • Difficulty installing and operating bulky storm windows
  • Single pane windows are ineffective at reducing outside sound
  • Expensive to maintain vintage windows
  • Replacing windows can effect original charm and value

Did you know that the average home can lose up to 30% of its heat or air conditioning energy through the windows? SLIPs are designed to maintain the beauty of your original windows, while protecting you from the elements and increasing the insulation of your home. In terms of insulation power, SLIPs are similar to insulated glass conversions. Another key aspect is that SLIPs will ensure your window sash remains fully operable, without any need to open two sets of windows like you get with many types of traditional storm windows.

Hidden Balance in the Sash for Doublehung Windows


This is a HUGE problem for vintage window owners. When installing SLIPs on your windows we remedy this problem in the process. ITS time to get those windows operating! When ging with the SLIP, we we can get the windows functional again. Your windows will be updated and outfitted with operative hardware that new windows use. As a result, you’ll gain a seamless functionality from your unit. In addition, weatherstripping included will prevent unwanted air leaks and drafts.


If you buy standard casement SLIPs for self install they start at $23/sqft. Other options such as low-e glass will run a little higher.

If outfitting your single or double hung windows SLIPs consider adding in $40 each for operating sash.

When comparing to other options such as complete window replacement SLIPs bring massive value. Also consider the future maintenance cost that comes with window replacement such as insulated glass replacement. Get yourself a quote for self install here

If your looking to get a certified installer you need contact them directly to get their installation charges.

I recently added insulated SLIPS over my preexisting wood windows. Wanting to keep the original look to my 1926 building, and by choosing to go with Chosen Wood Windows they were able to do this. I was able to have my end of the hot summer with the slips and it really made the difference in keeping the heat out, and also I had my first winter that made a huge difference in keeping the heat in and most of all my bills showed the savings from my previous years. Glad I chose to go with Chosen Wood Windows, everyone was real accommodating in keeping my original original. Bison Coffee House

Loretta Guzman, Bison Coffee House

The slips which Chosen installed for me earlier this year over original leaded glass casement windows have made the room much more comfortable. The slips are unobtrusive and have made exterior cleaning of the windows a snap.

Betsy Lee

The SLIPs have made a world of difference in the comfort of the room, without affecting the decor of our old windows, interior and exterior. A great purchase.

David- Portland Heights

Thrilled with the SLIP, it has allowed us to keep the original casement windows and frames with all the old character and charm, while providing solid protection from the elements.  I’d highly recommend this option.

Jamie C.

Get SLIPs installed on Your Windows


Our certified installers can take you through the entire process. Trained to talk over project scope, review options, take proper measurements, provide you with a project estimate, and carry out the install work. Licensed, Bonded, Insured, selected for their professionalism and quality of work. Certified installers are EPA certified lead based paint renovators.

Go to our SLIP™ certified installer map to find an installer near you. 


You have the option to buy the SLIP™ KIT and install yourself. We recommend self-installation only to individuals with the know-how and confidence to perform a successful installation. In the we kit provide you with SLIPs, hidden balances, jigs, weatherstripping, hardware, and more. We label the components and provide you with a component installation index. You must have your own tools including a plunge router, hand router, and planer.

We ship you a crate with all the components needed inside.

We have created a detailed installation video to help walk you through the successful installation process. we not provide active installation support. Therefore, we highly encourage that individuals with the necessary skill set take on a self-installation project.

NOTE: Many structures dated before 1978 include lead-based paint.

To learn more about DIY SLIP™ projects, 
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