The SLIP™ (Slim Line Insulating Pane) is an innovative and cost-effective way to retain your original windows, while updating them to modern standards. We have made it possible to add an additional pane directly to each sash. This simple solution can rejuvenate wood windows such as Single hung, double hung, casements, picture windows and more.

SLIP™ kits, depending on window type, include: SLIPs, Weatherstripping, Balances, Jigs, Fasteners, Installation Instruction. To help you get proper measurements to provide our online quote form,

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  • This quote is for the SLIP™ kit. Installation is not included in the quotation. You must reach out to a certified installer to for pricing with installation included.
  • When filling out out the request a quote form. We refer to single hung windows as double hungs. There will be an option for sash operation.
  • Casement windows include window types such as awnings, hopper, and pivot windows.
  • Routing jigs make installation easier. These are not required but encouraged.


To help you out in gathering information to fill out our online quote form; print the PDF document below to help record while taking your measurements. To get a quote a quote, you must fill out the online form.

SLIP™ Measure Form
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