The SLIP™ (Slim Line Insulating Pane) is an innovative and cost-effective way to retain your original windows, while updating them to modern standards. 

SLIP™ kits, depending on window type, include: SLIPs, Weatherstripping, Balances, Jigs, Fasteners, Installation Instruction. To help you get proper measurements to provide our online quote form,

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  • This quote is for the SLIP™ kit. Installation is not included in the quotation. You must reach out to an installer for pricing of installation.
  • When filling out out the request a quote form. We refer to single hung windows as double hungs. There will be an option for sash operation.
  • Casement windows include window types such as awnings, hopper, and pivot windows.
  • Routing jigs make installation easier. These are not required but encouraged.


To help you out in gathering information to fill out our online quote form; print the PDF document below to help record while taking your measurements. To get a quote a quote, you must fill out the online form.

SLIP™ Measure Form
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