The SLIP™ Product has been used in the west coast for over a decade! We have received so many positives results and reviews for this window restoration product, that we want to have it accessible to everyone. We now sell the SLIP™ in a kit. The kit comes with all the custom made components needed for a successful install. The kit can arrive right to your home or business. We have quality and simple instructional videos on how to measure for the custom made SLIPs for different window types, as well as instructions for installation. moderate Wood working experience is highly encouraged for self installs. If you are unable to do a SLIP™ DIY project but still wish to experience the benefits of updating your windows, we encourage to send your preferred contractor, or a local carpentry contractor, to this website so they can learn the benefits of the SLIP and be able to get you their pricing for install on your home.

Contractors who wish to offer the SLIP™ as a window updating product to their customers is should contact us. Our product is easy and simple; Easy to learn the benefits and Simple to learn how to install. We are able to offer 10% discount for contractors who order kits, if they are providing installation services for their customers. If you do wish to offer this product please get in touch and we can send leads of interested customers in your area as well as promotional materials.

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