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SLIP™ Certified Installers

Most noteworthy, you can feel secure knowing that your project is in the hands of professional installers. Also, we have chosen these companies for their professionalism and quality of work to help us in the fight to save and update valuable wood windows. In addition, our Certified SLIP™ installers have gone through training and are versed in all aspects of the installation process.

First of all, Installers will meet on-site to review your wood window project goals. Hence, they then evaluate and take measurements, and provide you with an estimate for the installation of SLIPs on your wood windows.

NOTE: There is a VERY HIGH probability that there are no certified installers near you. SLIPs are familiar to Oregon and Washington and are just starting to branch out. If there are no certified installers near your area, a trusted local handyman or contractor could effectively do installation. Information on how they can order and install for you can be found here.
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Company Address Phone Email
Chosen Wood Window Maintenance 18574 Pacific Highway E, Oregon City, OR 97045 503-266-3830
Chosen Wood Window Maintenance 920 S Holgate, #101, Seattle WA 98134 888-317-7584