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Am I able to Install on the Interior?2019-11-19T14:06:59-08:00

Interior SLIP™ Install


There are a few items you should be aware of if you wish to install SLIPs on the interior side of sash?


  • Will the installation of SLIPs on the interior face of the sash interfere with any hardware? If hardware is in the way, mometimes hardware can be moved to a different location to make way while still allowing an aesthetic look. You must make sure there is a 1.5 inch clearance of any hardware or any other interference on all sides within the interior daylight size. The face must be a clear and flat surface. Hardware that could interfere are usually locks or handles
  • Must make sure the SLIP would have enough room to fit on the interior sash face and not interfere with the interior sash stops. ou must make sure there is a 1.5 inch clearance of any hardware or any other interference on all sides within the interior daylight size.
  • On a doublehung, will the top SLIP fit between the bottom sash check rail when flitting flush on the upper sash? This can be case by case for different windows. Sometimes you must plane bottom sash check rail to allow for better clearance. SLIPs sit 5/16 inch above the face of the sash.
I received the wrong size SLIP™2019-05-10T13:49:26-07:00

If you believe your SLIP™ to be the wrong size, please take a photo of the SLIP™ with a measuring tape showing the size received and forward to us at support@windowslip.com. We will re-make and replace the SLIP™ in question at no charge.

Where does the SLIP™ sit on the sash?2019-05-07T15:51:52-07:00

The SLIP™ extrusion inside edge should meet and sit on the the outside edge of the putty glazing but should not extend further over the putty.  The SLIP will extend 3/4 inch to the edge of the sash from the outside edge of the putty glazing and sit approximately 1/4 inch above the face of the sash.

Where Can I Learn About Lead Paint?2019-03-28T10:23:38-07:00

Click the link to take you to the PDF Pamphlet from the EPA for information about lead paint.

EPA Pamphlet
Have you done testing on the SLIP™?2019-03-12T12:53:58-07:00

Yes, extensive testing on the product versus substitute product was done by the University of Oregon’s ‘Energy Studies on Building Laboratory. Results of that study can be seen

Will a SLIP cause fog or condensation?2019-04-10T10:45:02-07:00

SLIPs wont cause any fogging due to vent holes evenly placed. This allows for for an even air pressure between both panes and on the exterior. SLIPs may fog about a week after installation, this is due to the chemicals in the cleaning solution that was used on the glass, this should subside in about one week. If fogging does not subside, this may be due to an air vent being pinched off and adjustments to the fastening of the SLIP™ will need to take place.

What If a break a SLIP™2019-04-08T15:55:04-07:00

You can hold onto the extrusions and get another piece of tempered glass to match the extrusion size from your local glass shop. If a SLIP™ smaller than 50″ for width and for height you can purchase another SLIP™ from us.

Slips larger than 25 square feet must have 1/4 inch glass

How much do SLIPs weigh?2019-02-14T14:17:42-08:00

SLIPs weigh approximately 1 ¾ lb per square foot.

Can I install a SLIP™ on an irregular shaped window?2018-12-28T13:36:47-08:00

Currently we only make SLIPs to fit on square and rectangular shaped windows.

Am I able to start with just a couple of SLIPs?2018-12-28T13:38:33-08:00

Yes, you can start with just a couple of SLIPs to try out.

Due to shipping costs, you will get a better value when ordering a higher number.

Can I cancel my order?2019-04-10T10:49:10-07:00

That depends. due to the custom nature of the product and custom ordered components we cannot cancel the order once we have ordered material from suppliers. We may be able to cancel an order if the request is received before we order materials.

What color options are available?2019-04-11T13:37:39-07:00

SLIP™ Extrusions are painted with PPG product. Current colors are as follows:

Delicate White-PPG1001-1

Bronzed Carmel- MTL140

Pearl (Yellow-Beige)- PPG1087-2

What type of material is used?2019-04-10T10:50:53-07:00

SLIP™ Material consists of 1/8 inch tempered glass encased in aluminum extrusion.

What are the installation guidelines for historical neighborhoods and buildings?2019-02-14T14:15:33-08:00

Under Federal Law, the listing of a property in the National Register places no restrictions on what a non-federal owner may do with their property up to and including destruction, unless the property is involved in a project that receives Federal assistance, usually funding or licensing/permitting. Depending on your state There may be state or local preservation laws that the owner should be aware of before they undertake a project with a historic property. State SHPO Contact

If Federal monies are attached to the property then any changes to the property have to allow the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (www.achp.gov) to comment on the project.

If you have questions about renovations to your historic property, contact SHPO

Is the SLIP­™ difficult to install?2019-04-10T10:52:50-07:00

A SLIP™ self-install project should be taken on by individuals who are mechanically inclined.  Installing SLIPs takes the use of different tools and disassembling and reassembling different components of wood windows. SLIPs are not difficult to install if the individual has background knowledge of woodworking. Although we offer an installation tutorial, this tutorial is not comprehensive enough for successful installation if the installer does not have knowledge and experience on using the required tools.

How is shipping handled?2018-12-28T13:47:40-08:00

All shipments under this order shall be made F.O.B.  unless otherwise specified. Buyer shall assume freight charges and risks of transportation, including delay, damage, and loss, unless otherwise specified by Seller. In the absence of specific instructions Seller reserves the right to select a carrier and to specify the routing of all shipments.

The delivery date is the best estimate possible of when the products will be shipped. Seller shall not be liable for any loss, damage, incidental or consequential damages due to delays. In the event Buyer changes the location of delivery after the products have shipped, the buyer must contact the shipping company to change address and may incur additional charges.

Shipments can be large and heavy, weighing 500+ pounds. Buyer is responsible at all times for the manner and costs of arranging a complete delivery. Buyer must inspect shipment for damages at the time of delivery. Someone who is authorized to sign over the shipment and FreightCenter bill of lading must be present at the time of pickup. If the driver arrives at the pickup location and either the freight is not ready or there is no one available to sign the bill of lading, he/she will not normally wait. The pickup must then be re-dispatched, which some freight companies charge a re-delivery fee for to cover extra time and miles.

Do I have to be there for shipping?2019-04-10T10:54:51-07:00

Someone who is authorized to sign over the shipment and Freight Center bill of lading must be present at the time of pickup. If the driver arrives at the pickup location and either the freight is not ready or there is no one available to sign the bill of lading, he/she will not normally wait. The pickup must then be re-dispatched, which some freight companies charge a re-delivery fee for to cover extra time and miles. We will give notification of shipment and freight carrier information. You must direct further questions to your freight carrier.

Do you offer installation support?2019-04-10T10:57:21-07:00

We offer installation support. Please contact email us at support@windowslip.com with your inquiry and contact information and a installation professional will be in contact.

Will hardware be an issue for installation?2019-04-10T10:58:12-07:00

You must check to make sure hardware will not be an issue for successful installation. SLIPs sit approx 1 inch outside the daylight of a window. If the hardware is not fixed, hardware can be moved to remedy spacial issues for successful installation.

A certified installer will access possible hardware challenges during initial evaluation.

Why Not Buy A New Window?2018-12-28T13:56:35-08:00
  • Their are many many benefits to keeping your original wood windows. Your wood windows most likely were hand crafted from cedar or fir. It is not easy to find high quality wood windows, especially hardwood windows, being produced today and if so they are quite expensive.  This means that your home will hold more value with the original windows. This dense wood does not succumb to dry rot easily.
  • Wood windows are the most revered windows on the market.
  • Your wood windows were built for your house and therefor match the design and and aesthetics.
How Will SLIPs Be Protected in Shipment?2018-12-21T13:09:45-08:00

SLIPs and components are protected and packaged in OSB wood crates

If your SLIP™ Kit arrives damaged, it is important to accept the shipment in order to document the claim correctly. A claim must be filed within 48 hours of delivery, and can be done directly online on our site. FreightCenter will act as liaison and assist the customer in processing the claim and filing all necessary paperwork, though we cannot guarantee all claims will be accepted from the shipping company.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?2019-04-10T11:03:33-07:00

We accept online payment through paypal

How Do I Contact Customer Service?2019-04-12T15:28:02-07:00

You can contact customer service through email and someone will reach out to you.

Sales Support: sales@windowslip.com

Installation Support: support@windowslip.com

Do You Charge Sales Tax?2018-12-28T14:01:29-08:00

Sales tax is charged to customers in the state of Washington.

What if My Window Glass is Cracked or Broken?2018-12-28T14:02:26-08:00

If your window glass is broken, you will want to get this fixed prior to SLIP™ installation or the product will not function as intended.

What Type Of Weatherstripping Is Used?2018-12-28T14:03:13-08:00

On casement windows we use Kerf mounted bulb weatherstripping. On double hung and single hung windows we use a combination of kerf mounted bulb weatherstripping and kerf mounted PVC weatherstripping.

Can I Learn To Install SLIPs?2018-12-20T10:13:40-08:00

We provide an in-depth measure and installation videos to show correct techniques on how to order and install SLIPs on different types of windows. It is highly recommended that the installer have prior knowledge on wood working and safe practices when working with power tools.

The installer should have knowledge on safe practices when working around lead paint.

For instalation support we provide on install, we provide installation videos.

Im having Issues with my Certified Installer2018-12-21T14:24:59-08:00

You can report issues with a certified installer by filling out our contact form 


Your sole remedy to find a solution lies exclusively between you and the certified installer. Reporting issues qwith your certified installer may effect the companys companys standing as a SLIP™ certified installer in the future.

How to care for SLIPs?2018-12-20T10:15:56-08:00

• Do not use a power washer to clean SLIPs. Power washing SLIPs could force water into the interior window glass through vent holes, causing water staining on interior glass surfaces.
• The glass is tempered and soft. Use a mild soap and a soft cloth to clean. Abrasive or rough products of any kind can scratch the glass.
• Do not caulk or paint heavily around the SLIP, it could block the vent holes and cause fogging. If sweating is an issue, more ventilation is required.
• Do not remove the blue back from the glazing tape

How Do I get a Quote?2018-12-20T10:23:03-08:00

A certified installer can provide you with an estimate on getting SLIPS on your windows. If you are buying SLIPs direct, fill out the online form with your desired product specifications and we will contact you with a quote.

Whats the Largest/Smallest SLIP™ That can be used?2019-04-12T15:32:52-07:00

SLIPs can be made as large as 20 sqft and as small as 1 sqft. This is the largest/smallest SLIP we ship. For larger SLIPs you must contact a certified SLIP™ installer.

What Type of Windows Will SLIPs not work on?2018-12-20T10:25:15-08:00

SLIPs can not be installed on slider windows.

How Long do SLIPs last?2019-04-12T15:35:21-07:00

SLIPs are built for long term use and should last the life of the window.

Weatherstripping and hidden balance will have normal wear and tear over time.

Do SLIPs Work on Doors?2018-12-20T10:29:25-08:00

SLIPs do work on doors just as they do on windows. SLIPs do not work on slider doors. Before buying a SLIP for a door make sure the door hardware will not be a be in the way for installation.

How Do I tell Which SLIP™ Goes to Which Window?2018-12-20T10:40:01-08:00

We provide a installation map and product labels for the products to show which SLIPs and sub-parts go with the windows given on the order

Will SLIPs fog up?2018-12-20T10:44:47-08:00

glass and the SLIP. Do not worry, the condensation will go away after the cleaner used evaporators. If condensation persists, either one or more of the Slip fastening screws is too tight, pinching off the air vents. If condensation appears, check the screw, especially near the air vents to make sure they are not too tight. The SLIP needs to rest snug to the sash but be sure not to over-tighten.

How Do I Clean My Window?2019-05-22T11:10:02-07:00

Its very easy to remove a SLIP if you want to clean your original window glass. You simply unscrew the fasteners on the sash and remove. This is made a lot easier with a suction cup

Can I keep Using Ropes for Operation?2019-04-12T15:42:49-07:00

It certainly is possible to use ropes for operation with SLIPs. You’ll need to adjust the counterbalance weight in the weight pocket. We do not provide instructions or support for using using SLIPs with ropes. Consult a certified installer if you wish to do this

What Type of Material Is Used?2019-05-22T11:04:14-07:00

SLIPs are a product of aluminum extrusion, gasketing and tempered glass

What Colors Do SLIPs come in?2019-05-22T11:03:02-07:00

SLIP™ Extrusions come coated from the factory in 3 colors.

My Windows are Painted Shut2019-05-22T10:57:20-07:00

Many times windows are painted shut. The certified installer will address this when installing SLIPs. When installing on your own you will have to cut the paint lines on your sash in order to get your windows operating and also install balances or weatherstripping.

Can I Choose A Custom Paint Color2019-05-22T10:55:05-07:00

On large order such as commercial projects or whole households we may be able to custom spray your SLIPs. Please inquire

Are my SLIPs paintable?2019-05-22T10:52:44-07:00

SLIPs are coated with a PPG paint. this paint does act as a primer that allows for painting

Does your products come with a warranty?2019-05-23T09:59:51-07:00

Certified Installers are required to carry at least a one year warranty.

How long are price quotes valid?2018-12-18T13:06:27-08:00

All price quotes are valid for 90 days unless stated otherwise on the quote.

What if an item is missing or damaged in my order?2018-12-18T13:05:41-08:00

Notify us asap of any damaged, missing or incorrect pieces.

In the event that there are missing, damaged or incorrect packages, please retain the item(s), indicate the problem on the Delivery Note and us within 48 hours of your delivery. A signed delivery receipt, without notations of missing, damaged or incorrect item(s) represents your acceptance of the complete order in perfect condition. For any other problem with your order, please refer to our return policy.

What if my SLIPs are damaged during shipping?2019-05-22T10:51:05-07:00

If you notice your create is damaged during shipping, write this on the bill of lading during the shipment and take a photo. If contents inside the box are damaged take a photo and report this to support@windowslip.com within 48 hours of shipment

When can I expect my order to be delivered?2018-12-18T13:04:18-08:00

Our products are custom made to your specifications, the Shipment of SLIPs is generally done 6-8 weeks. Shipping times are estimated and may vary according to the volume of work being conducted at our facility, SLIP sizes in the order, order volume the number of boxes being shipped and your location. As such refunds or price discounts will not be provided based on shipping delays. Therefore it is important to account for manufacturing and shipping times when placing an order that may be part of time sensitive work.

When can I cancel my order?2018-12-18T13:02:24-08:00

Items will only be refunded for products that do not conform to the specifications as stated in the contract. We will replace or refund a product at our discretion if errors are made in the construction of the product building or damage occurs in shipping. Any product purchased that is delivered damaged or found to be defective through no fault of the customer will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer. A SALE CANNOT BE CANCELLED BY THE BUYER WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT FROM US.

Do I need to provide measurements to order SLIPs?2019-04-12T15:46:15-07:00

Yes. Customers who place an order are asked to provide their measurements in order to determine the SLIP’s specifications. It is important to make certain that measurements are correct. Once a final measurement is provided and the order is placed, we cannot accept later modification of product specifications once an order has been placed. A refund will not be issued due to customer error.

To learn how to measure for SLIPs, click the link.

SLIP™ Measuring

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