“Based on the energy modeling that we did for the building, including live mock ups, the study showed that the SLIPS were very close to the energy performance of the IGU option, and given the lower cost the decision was made to go with the SLIP system. We are now three years into occupancy and have had no issues with the windows. The SLIPS are very unobtrusive, and we were able to save hundreds of historic windows and still met our stringent standards of energy performance that exceeds Oregon State Code.”

George Bleekman, Owner’s Representative, Capital Design & Facilities Management
Before SLIP™After SLIP™

The SLIP is a sleek, low-profile attachment

Great News for

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SLIPs can be used for many different purposes that help fill the needs of commercial building owners and managers. They are a long-term solution with little to no maintenance. This means you can keep the building efficient, keep the building occupants happy, and keep the owner/manager’s mind at ease. SLIPs have the ability to be installed on the interior or exterior of the sash. Standard SLIPs use a hidden balance system but, on request, can be rigged with vintage pocket weights.

The Many Commercial Applications:

Noise Reduction

Slips have been used on downtown commercial buildings to fade outside noise from vehicle traffic and trains.

Value Engineered

When looking at options to update the vintage windows, insulated glass conversions are a popular choice. When doing this, you’ll need to remove the original glazing, ensure a large enough channel, and re-glaze the window, and this can be very costly on multi-lite configurations. It is much more cost-effective to insulate all the original glazed window with a single overlying layer rather than alter the original window.


When using SLIPs, your original window will still function in the same manner regardless if it’s a casement or a double/single hung.


A SLIP™ protects the vintage window glass, and the hours of window glazing work against the elements with a Tempered layer of glass.

Historic Product

While coming up with the idea of the SLIP, we wanted to keep the original window characteristics. With the SLIP™, the original sash AND glass can be kept to maintain the uniqueness and charm of the window. The SLIP is very sleek and slim to the sash, so it blends right in. The product can also be installed on the interior or exterior of the sash.

Although SLIP are a long-term product with little to no maintenance product, it can easily be removed.

We can provide product data to satisfy the project requirements

 Tested and Proven Product

SLIPs are a proven product and have been used on big projects such as Fort Vancouver, U of O Gerlinger Hall, Oregon State Bexel hall, and many more. SLIPs are a perfect product for your vintage windows. SLIPs have been used on many different types of projects. The results of using the product have been outstanding.


Benefits In Review

Increase energy efficiency

Sound reduction

Maintain original beauty and charm of existing windows

Windows can stay historically accurate and functional

Solid, well-designed construction

Protect the glazing

Interior or Exterior Install

Some recent SLIP™ Jobs…


If you are looking to take on a complete wood or steel window restoration project please check out our company, Chosen Wood Window Maintenance. Share your project goals with us, and we will offer our guidance, options and alternatives complete with an estimate for your project.  We work closely with architects to give you the best value options on your project. Regardless of distance, we aim to bring affordable window restoration to you.

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