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Be energy efficient using Window SLIP | Wood Window Restoration

How many problems there can you all relate to? Heat loss, water leaks, poor sound reduction, storm window problems, etc. And how many solutions have you tried? Numerous, isn’t it? And every time you choose a new solution, the maintenance cost just rises. We have seen people complaining that they seem to find no long-running solution for these problems, and the issues just keep coming up.

We have seen that homeowners would rather keep their old windows than replace them with new windows. The strength that ancient wood provides is much more than the new wood. Our team at Chosen Wood Window Maintenance understands the pain of opting for a new method every time. With years of experience, we have developed a product that is hassle-free, eco-friendly, cost-effective, and restores the value of your old vintage window.

But what is that? Let us walk you through this fantastic product and our journey of designing it.

Window SLIP – the magical window insulation technique

You might be wondering what Window SLIP is.

SLIP stands for Slim Line Insulating pane. As the name suggests, SLIP is a slim additional pane to the sash, either exterior or interior of your windows.SLIP was built to be a user-friendly alternative to storm windows. The most significant advantage that SLIP had over storm windows is that it didn’t take away the look of vintage windows.The glasses used in SLIP are tempered, and you don’t have to open two sets of windows to enjoy the view outside. Users are overjoyed by the fact that they hardly notice that SLIP is there.

~ SLIP is your best protector from harsh weather.

SLIP helps to retain the original glass of your window by protecting it from the weather. It helps to reduce condensation and water penetration during winters. Weatherstripping is also included to stop drafts. SLIP is also manageable on the double-hung windows. A system is installed for the proper functioning of the window.

Also, SLIP glass comes in various options. The glass can be clear, Low-E, obscure, or tinted.

~ Apart from maintaining the original look, SLIP also provides excellent insulation.

The insulation power of SLIP is nip and tuck with the various market option but with an added benefit, i.e., at a significantly lower cost. If you see the amount saved by using SLIP, you will notice that it pays for itself.

~ It also acts as a perfect sound reduction window.

While with the pandemic and lockdowns going on globally, most of us prefer working from home. In such situations, it’s required to work in peace and silence. Outer traffic or other noises may disturb you. You might also want to minimize reverberation. SLIP provides excellent sound reduction qualities to let you stay and work in peace.

~ It is easy to install and operate.

If you are worried about maintaining SLIP, don’t! There are no operating parts with SLIP, so there are no chances of anything going wrong or inoperational. The SLIP becomes a part of your window and practically goes unnoticed.

~ SLIP is your top energy-efficient option.

Single pane windows consumed around 454 terms and 474 kWh of energy in a normal household.
A study conducted by the Energy Studies in Buildings Lab(UO) shows that the single pane window along with SLIP and weatherstripping only consumed 93 therms and 97 kWh of energy.

Some other benefits of Window SLIP are:

  • SLIP reduces your future maintenance cost.
  • SLIP has a well-designed construction and solid material.
  • Historic windows stay accurate and functional.
  • It is a tested quality product.
  • No need for installment or removal when you want to open your windows.
  • It protects your original glazing when installed outside.
  • It’s the best eco-friendly option out there.

The Window SLIP has passed the co-heating test, blower door test, wall monitoring test, and daylighting test and has shown better performance than many alternatives. Find the results for various energy tests of SLIP here. The team at Chosen is always ready to get your windows installed with SLIP. But many people prefer DIY, and we have a separate dedicated section for them as well.

Window SLIP – DIY

DIY – Do It Yourself is an uprising trend in the USA. DIY allows you to be more active, saves much more money, allows you to spend more time with your family, and so many people opt for DIY solutions. Not to forget, DIY has become a part of the exercise regime as well. With the pandemic, too, keeping in mind the safety precautions, people are opting for more and more DIY solutions. Chosen Wood Window Restoration understood the importance of DIY long ago and introduced the DIY – SLIP kit. We organize and sell custom-made DIY SLIP kits. We ship them at the required locations as well.

The materials in the kit are customized according to your size and look requirements and shipped with all other necessary tools to make your installment easier.

Contractors and handy homeowners can purchase these custom-made kits and watch the video below to learn how to install a SLIP successfully.

Learn all about DIY window SLIPs

The SLIP kit

The SLIP kit consists of:

  • SLIP
  • Weatherstripping (vinyl and bulb)
  • Screws and tabs
  • Router and kerfing jigs
  • Hidden balances

How to request an online quote for DIY kits

Follow the steps below to learn how to fill the form correctly:

  1. Many windows of the house may have the exact specifications. Consider them as one window type.
  2. Click on ‘add window’ to add the details about other window types. Continue doing it for as many windows as you want.

Remember – Different windows will show different prices according to the lined items in the quote.

  1. You may notice that we refer to single-hung windows as double-hung. There will be an option provided for the sash operation.
  2. Casement windows have various window types such as awnings, pivots, hopper windows, etc.
  3. Color choices are for the extrusions that enclose the SLIP glass. You can scroll through pictures to see the options available.

TIP – Routing jigs are encouraged {though they aren’t required always}

You can find the online form attached here.

Window SLIP Installation

If you are opting for DIY, there are some factors you should know.

Are your windows suitable for SLIP?
SLIP is great for square and rectangle windows. Its recommended that you must have at least 1” space on the exterior of your putty.

Do you have the required skills?
In order to install SLIP in your windows, you need to have some woodworking and technical skills.

What are the safety measures?
You need to take safety precautions like-

  • Ladder safety
  • Proper PPE
  • Tool safety

Also, if your house was constructed before 1978, it might have lead paint on it. Working with lead paint requires extra care. Call on 1 (800) 424-LEAD [5323] to consult with a specialist. To know more about the installation process, click here. Window SLIPs are cost-effective, trendy, durable, and eco-friendly. Opt for the window SLIP today for hassle-free window management.

Window SLIPs are your saving stars.

Reach out & we’ll answer any questions you have to help you get started.

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