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Are you a homeowner living in a vintage house?

If so, are you tired of your old and drafty windows but don’t want to put in current replacements?

Owning an old home can sometimes be challenging.  While you love the charm of your vintage home, it can be costly and time-consuming to manage.

Some of the challenges of owning a home with old windows can include:

  • Loss of heat and air-conditioning through single pane glass
  • Drafts during cold months
  • Water damage, leaks, an drafts around window frames
  • Difficulty operating bulky storm windows or finding parts
  • Antique windows are ineffective at reducing outside sound
  • Replacement windows can effect original charm and value

We understand how important it is for you to not only maintain your vintage windows, but also be as energy efficient as possible. With this in mind, we have developed a product to take the worry away from your windows.


To get your completely sealed window we always add weatherstripping to all 4 sides of the sash if weatherstripping is not present. You can save 5-10% on energy bills by simply adding weatherstripping. We used premium quality kerfed in weatherstripping. A SLIP combined with the proper weatherstripping will produce maximum energy savings, comfort and modernization to your windows

SLIPs are specifically designed to maintain the beauty of your original windows, while giving you protection from the elements and increasing insulation of your home.  Another key aspect is that your window sash will remain fully operable, without having to open two sets of windows.

SLIPs are a great product for historical buildings. Wood windows and their functional and decorative features are of utmost importance in defining a buildings overall historic character. When thinking of energy solutions for historic buildings the mission is to never jeopardize the historic look and feel but to only have products and solutions to improve upon it. Slips hardly change the look of the window, they protect the vintage sash and they can operate the same way. Yes the wavy glass that everybody loves can be saved!

For homeowners living in certified historic homes or historic districts can benefit from this product because Slips adhere to the guidelines set forth by the department of the interior historic preservation guidelines.

If you’re a homeowner with vintage single or double hung windows, you’ll benefit from our unique SLIP System.  This system enables the sash to be routed out and balance systems installed to support the extra weight of your windows. The balance systems that are used are hidden, you will not see springs, plastic or metal.  As a result of the balance, you’ll get a smooth and seamless functionality from your window. Problems with broken or painted ropes will be gone!

As apposed to conventional storm windows used on double hung windows you will not have to lift multiple windows to let fresh air in.